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Families First is a Welsh Government programme to fund the development of effective multi-agency systems and support for families, particularly those living in, or at risk of falling into poverty. It replaces the Cymorth grant programme which ran from 2003/04 to 2011/12. In Cardiff Families First is funded by a £29m grant allocation from the Welsh Government to Cardiff Council, to support the delivery up to 2017.
The programme will seek to address the breadth of challenges facing children, young people and their families by developing effective multi-agency support and focusing on the prevention and early intervention. It is designed to recognise the specific needs of different families and the common requirement for multiple agencies to provide holistic and intergrated packages of support.Picture1

The Families First guidance sets out four high level outcomes which the programme must assist in delivering:
•Helping work age people in low income families to gain, and progress within employment
•Empowering children, young people and families, at risk of poverty, achieve their potential
•Ensuring children, young people and families are healthy, safe and enjoy well-being
•Empowering families to be confident, nurturing and resilient

The St Mellons Community Creche has received funding from the Families First Programme early years package. This enables us to provide free childcare to support local learning and training; in particular child related classes, ESOL Classes and Essential skills, along with a wide range of neighrbourhood learning opportunities.

We also offer a Parents 1st 12 week course for those who have been away from learning and are looking for a first step to raising confidence and self esteem and re-engaging with lifelong learning.
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